Although still relatively widely available the Industrial Records Ltd. Gristliesm product is now considered ‘discontinued’. There is no longer a separate web site and these pages are kept online for historic archival purposes only and will no longer be updated.


Chrome Gristleism

Pre-shipping quality inspection of Chrome Gristleism units revealed an unacceptable
failure rate due to short-circuits caused by contact between components
and the electroplated casing.

To ensure all Gristleism units function as designed, shipments of Chrome machines
were delayed while we re-assembled the units and eliminate the problem.

Therefore fans who purchased the limited-edition Tri-Box or chrome unit from the
Throbbing Gristle Greedbag were informed there would be a possible delay
of up to a week in shipping.

GRISTLEISM shipping dates (approx):
Black badged single units have all been despatched.
Red badged single units have all been despatched.
Chrome badged single units have all been despatched.
Tri-Colour Limited Edition Silk Box
were all dispatched the week of 7th Dec.

We were all very excited to get Gristleism in your hands and into your ears,
so our apologies for the delays.

The Gristleism team